Thick Toast  6
Pane Di Casa bread, thickly cut, toasted and served with a choice of Vegemite, crunchy peanut paste, marmalade or strawberry jam

Backbeach Fruit & Nut Health Loaf 8.5
Made in house and full of oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit

Yoghurt Starter  7.5
Layers of house made granola & Greek yogurt

Pancakes  12
With fresh banana & strawberries, cream, berry coulis and maple syrup

Breakfast Pizza  15
Housemade pizza dough with napoli sauce, tomato, bacon, spinach, mozzarella and topped with fried egg

Canadian Breakfast  18
2 big pancakes served with bacon, fried egg and maple syrup

Zucchini & Sweet Potato Fritters  15
Grated zucchini and sweet potato fritters served with baby spinach, avocado and lemon dressing

Eggs On Toast  13
Eggs anyway served with toast, grilled tomato & house made tomato relish

Bacon & Eggs 15
Eggs anyway served with toast, grilled tomato & house made tomato relish

Bacon & Egg Roll  16
Bacon, fried eggs and spinach in a toasted turkish bread roll

Haloumi & Avocado on Turkish  18
served with spinach, cherry tomatoes, poached egg and a swirl of balsamic glaze

Eggs Benedict  20
Classic poached eggs, spinach, ham and toast and house made hollandaise sauce (smoked salmon option available)

Steak & Eggs  26
250g Porterhouse steak, fried eggs and grilled tomato with sautéed mushrooms and house made tomato relish

Backbeach Big Brekkie  25
Eggs anyway with bacon, sausage, mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans, grilled tomato, house made tomato relish & toast

Bacon, Sausages, Avocado, Chorizo, Smoked Salmon 5

Hash Browns, Mushrooms, Baked Beans 4

Kid’s Breakfast
Toast & vegemite 2

Sausage & Egg 5
Baked Beans on Toast 5
Pancakes with strawberries, banana, maple syrup & cream 5