The Backbeach Café & Restaurant welcomes families and children.

We know how hard it can be to enjoy a coffee without interruptions, so with this in mind we have created ‘The Playroom’. With toys and space for the kids to play even when its raining.

Not to forget the bigger kids; we have board games available in the foyer.


Toast & Vegemite  2
Toasted white bread, butter & Vegemite

Sausage & Egg  5
Sausage and egg cooked anyway

Pancake Stack  5
Little pancakes served with strawberries, banana, maple syrup & cream

Baked Beans On Toast  5
Baked beans served with toast fingers


Backbeach Kids Plate 6
cheese pieces, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, dried apricots and seasonal fresh fruit pieces
Chicken Nuggets 4
Fish Bites 4
Ham Sandwich 4

Burger & Chips 10
house made patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese and tomato sauce

Fish (Augusta Bronzy) & Chips 10

Bangers & Mash 10
DBC natural skinned sausages, mash and beef jus

Pasta 10
served with our house made bolognaise sauce

Chicken Nuggets & Chips 8

Pizza 8
mozzarella cheese and house made tomato sauce

Toasted Sandwiches
Ham 5
Cheese 5
Ham & Cheese 6

Vegemite Sandwich 2

Bowl of Chips with tomato sauce 4

Ice-cream 5
vanilla ice-cream, strawberries & Chocolate Sauce


Bottle Of Milk with flavoured straw 2

Pop Tops 2.5

Organic Juice 3

Babycino 0.5